PONDER on THIS for Thursday, July 26th, 2012 by Gary Spinell in BEYOND INTENT

“Visualization by itself is a marvelous process for attracting to us what we desire. The problem is that what I call our “human-ness” gets in the way. Being human, our minds and emotions kick into gear and become engulfed in achieving our goal. Therefore, as quickly as we do our first visualization on our goal or desire, we become attached to it. And if we are attached to our goal or desire, then our mind and emotions begin to monitor, manage, control, validate, adjust, push, and comment on every step and occurrence in the process of obtaining our goal.

We get frustrated if we do not see progress as soon or as fast as we expected. If we do not see the type of progress we anticipated, then we quickly make adjustments in the approach. We continually check and re-check our approach and become more assertive and aggressive to ensure we reach our goal. We begin to visualize much more often, writing out and looking at pictures of our goal more often. All of these actions and feelings are based in fear, because we have become attached to our goal.

Let go of your attachment to the goal. Allow it to breathe. KNOW that your goal can be obtained if you are preparing correctly and have the correct mindset.”

                     Gary Spinell, in “Beyond Intent”

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Compiler’s Note: I finished this book over the weekend and really found great value in it. With so many books out there talking about so-called “shortcuts” to manifestation, it was refreshing to read a title in which the author straightforwardly addresses the key reasons why such approaches tend to fail. I highly recommend this book as a spiritual growth resource.

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