PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 by Patrick McNally in HOW TO LIVE AN AMAZING LIFE

“People today think they have something. That’s because people have to find a label for a feeling. If they don’t give it a name the drug companies can’t sell you the drug to trick you into thinking you feel okay again.

Let’s take anxiety. For any human being to begin to feel anxiety about anything they first have to set up a belief that allows their body to feel anxious, and they need to make sure they know what feeling anxious actually feels like. How do they know they are anxious by the way? How do they know when to display the anxiety or how do they know when not to display it? How many times has a person who says they suffer from anxiety forgotten to display it? I ask that question to people every day. I say what happens if you forget to be anxious and they look at me kind of weird looking and can’t answer.

Anxiety like all feelings appears in the body. The moment your body feels anything but peace and comfort, you have played a trick on yourself and your body is letting you know.”

Patrick McNally, in “How to Live an Amazing Life”

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