PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 by Stuart Wilde in SIXTH SENSE

“If you are aiming for a distant goal and you want to direct your imagination to that, start by feeling yourself present at that future point in time. Enter into those circumstances – act them out. Allow your imagination to wander through the scene, so to speak, becoming a part of it. Enliven the picture and make it more real by imagining all your five senses present in those future circumstances. Grant the picture a sensuality that it would have if you were actually there, so give it its colors and sounds; and imagine the smell, texture, and tasted of those future circumstances. Then come back from that future place. Focus your inner vision and intellect on seeing yourself progress through the steps it might take to get you from here, today, to over there, tomorrow.

Act out the steps in your mind’s eye, and see yourself moving toward your goal through the intervening steps. You pull goals to you through concentration, while simultaneously moving toward them through concerted action. Remember, I’ve said many times before in my books that yearning for things pushes them away form you. In the emotion of yearning, you affirm that you don’t have the thing you’re yearning for. You set up an uncomfortable energy that others often have to climb over. When you really need something and you’re emotional about it,  people tend to deny you, just because you need it.”

                    Stuart Wilde, in “Sixth Sense”

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