PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 by Edwin Harkness Spina in MYSTIC SECRETS REVEALED

“A wide variety of physical stimuli and sensory input can affect your being. Are you filling your body with artificial sweeteners, fake fats, junk food and other toxins? Do you subject your objective senses to a non-stop barrage of mainstream news and fear-based content? Do you surround yourself with negative people that take pleasure in tearing you down?

When your boat is taking on water, it’s much more effective to stop drilling holes in the hull and patch them up before you begin bailing out the water. This means, stop filling your physical environment with negative, draining energies.

Now, it’s true that these thoughts and beliefs will still exist in our world, but by turning off your TV, you can, at least, shut the door to the non-stop reinforcement of these energy-sapping thoughts. And it’s also true that spiritual power can offset base thoughts, but why expend any energy undoing something that can be fixed by the simple physical action of turning off your TV?”

Edwin Harkness Spina, in “Mystic Secrets Revealed”

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