PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 29th, 2012 by Gary Spinell in BEYOND INTENT

“There are many techniques you can use to remain unattached. One of the most common is to make your request to the Universe and then write it down and put the paper in a drawer or box. Leave the message in the box, basically forgetting about your desire. In the situations where you are required to take action on your goal each day to achieve it, proceed with a positive mindset. Remind yourself that you will not only survive, but thrive, even if at first you do not achieve your goal. Also, if you are doing what is in your heart and your highest good, you will achieve your goal in some form.

Fear is the negative force that prevents us from achieving our goal. Therefore, it is essential that we pursue our goal with full force, but live each day to its fullest while we wait. Be patient and know that the Universe knows the right time for our dream to be achieved. We will not achieve it any moment sooner. So we can sit back and enjoy the ride. Otherwise, if we are attached to our goal, we could be waiting a long time.”

                          Gary Spinell, in “Beyond Intent”

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