PONDER on THIS for Thursday, December 27th, 2012 by Stuart Wilde in THE QUICKENING

“The mind of thinking-man contains a myriad of opinions as to what should be. Each opinion is an affirmation of thinking-man’s pathetic state of weakness. It is only an opinion that says one’s body should be strong and healthy. It is only an opinion that says one should live a long life. What if you don’t? Are you going to negate the time you have spent on earth? Who says one has to be rich and wear fine clothes and be treated in a special way? Who says you have to sleep so many hours and eat so many meals? Where is it cast in stone that you have to be dry and warm and safe? What if you find yourself in a place that is freezing, wet, and dangerous? Do you moan your way into missing the experience or do you open to acceptance from strength?

Mechanical-man trots through his miserable little rhythms of life and misses it for the most part. This is way most of the people you meet are as dull as dish water. They have optioned themselves out of life and have nothing to offer. They may live to be ninety-nine but their experiences are of little worth. They still don’t accept themselves and they are still uncomfortable. It is better to live as a Warrior-Sage for thirty years and to accept the experience of life than it is to cast oneself into the living hell of the stereotype.”

                       Stuart Wilde, in “The Quickening”

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