PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 by Tony Burroughs in THE LAW OF AGREEMENT

comes when we’re getting something that we don’t want, or we want
something that we’re not getting. Either way, life is not going exactly
as we’d like it to go – or is it? What if, on a subconscious or a soul
level, we set ourselves up to experience some adversity in one form or
another? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But when you think about it, it could
be that maybe, just maybe, that’s what we’re doing. But why?

Law of Adversity is the complement to the Law of Agreement, and it
offers us many insights about our uncomfortable experiences, The Law of
Adversity says that along with every challenge or problem we encounter, an opportunity also presents itself.
It is important for us to be alert and aware so that we can spot these
opportunities and turn them into gifts for ourselves. For this to
happen, though, it helps if we realize that we made an agreement
to be here at this time. We set it all up – all of the chaos, adversity,
resistance, limitation, all of it – so that we could rise above it and
reach our highest calling in life.”

              Tony Burroughs,  in “The Law of Agreement”

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