PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by Daniel Ryan in HEALING FROM HEAVEN

“Spirit has a way of guiding us to an awareness of our innate magnificence that is waiting to be realized. As we become more aware of the vastness of our being, a quickening happens. Choices are more obvious, negative or addictive habits are less interesting, and our attention shifts, which alters our perception of reality, as we have known it. This new reality comes with the gratitude of appreciating the miracles that are ever present all around us, and that we may have taken for granted previously.

The sun rises and warms the earth. Photosynthesis provides food and converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. Physiologically, the body converts oxygen and food to create energy via a chemical reaction, release C02 as one of the byproducts completing the cycle – one of an infinite number of miracles occurring constantly. When we focus on the incredible things that are happening all the time, it raises our vibration.

By raising our vibration, we are able to experience a knowing of the great synchronicity of life, a knowing that surpasses human logical understanding. Hence, that person you may call a fool wearing a huge smile with an eternal sparkle in his eyes knows a secret. Gratitude is the prayer of the enlightened.”

                    Daniel Ryan, in “Healing from Heaven”

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