PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 by Lisette Larkins in DIFFICULT PEOPLE

“The analytical mind is completely unaware of the perfection of universal intelligence, that awesome force that conspires in the convergence of happenings, circumstances, events, and occurrences arising seemingly out of nowhere to reveal life’s innate harmony. Although the analytical mind has served some purpose in moving the human species forward in its evolution, its use has surpassed its original function and is now moving the species in the reverse direction, toward its own extinction. It is the analytical mind that is behind chronic faultfinding and its insistent objections, which, when taken to a global scale, explains war and genocide.

There is indeed a perfection to universal intelligence. But because the mind senses that this “web of coincidence” is beyond anyone’s ability to control or manipulate it, the mind responds with an attempt to reinstate a counterfeit superiority. It does so simply through its loud, obnoxious, and chronic objection to what is. And this defiance of the present moment is considered by most people to be a normal way of reacting to life’s flow.”

                    Lisette Larkins, in “Difficult People”

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