PONDER on THIS for Thursday, March 21st, 2013 by Kathleen Martin in UNDERSTANDING UNIVERSAL LAWS 101

“Whatever you are experiencing, learn to accept where you are. Remember that acceptance is the polar opposite of resistance. Resistance happens when we put our focus and attention on what we don’t want and prevents us from having all that we desire. When we accept things as they are, there is no negative emotion and therefore no resistance. Now, you are in the place of allowing your desires with ease. By accepting whatever the current experience is and at the same time expressing appreciation for the contrast that is causing the clarity of what you do want, you will soon find those things that you don’t want will fall away.

A powerful practice is to write out a list of what you don’t want just for the experience of becoming clear about what you do want; not to pay attention to what doesn’t feel good. Next, write out the list of what you do want. Notice how you become clear about what you do want by paying attention to what you don’t. This exercise will help
you to put your attention on the vantage point of what you want so that you can be in the place of attracting your desires.”

   Kathleen Martin, in “Understanding Universal Laws 101 – The Missing Education”
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