PONDER on THIS for Thursday, April 4th, 2013 by Theresa Crabtree in MAYAN MESSAGES: DAILY GUIDE TO SELF-EMPOWERMENT

“Do you remember studying the “number line” when you were in school? The line stretched out infinitely to the left (negative numbers) and to the right (positive numbers). A little dot represented a number or place on the line. That is how our world of polarity works. You can choose an infinite number of negative possibilities or an infinite number of positive possibilities. The little dot on the number line is where you are NOW.
At any point, you can choose with clear intentions and passion what you wish to experience. Finding balance and integrating the “negative and positive” aspect of every situation is like riding a bicycle. It requires concentration and practice until you master the skill. Once you learn to ride the bicycle, you will get faster and be able to zip past those dots at record speed. The trick is to know when you have arrived. If you realize you have passed your mark, turn your bike around and retrace your steps until you find yourself balanced, in a state of peace.”

  Reverend Theresa Crabtree in “Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment”

For more information regarding this book and the sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar, visit www.t-a-d-a.com. To read dozens of Mayan Messages click here.

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