BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 by Stuart Wilde in THE QUICKENING

“When you look at the philosophies which have been adopted by the masses, you can see that they are deliberately designed to keep the people asleep. The philosophies serve as “glue” to hold the tribes together in a psychic bonding. In fact, the word “religion” comes from the Latin word “religare” which means, to bind. The overall function of these philosophies is to assist those of like mind to process emotion and fear in what are basically the difficult circumstances of their lives.

The psychic bonding makes it almost impossible for a person to develop a true individuality, for the most important part of him/*her, his/her spiritual alignment, is regimented and structured and often laced with regulations covering every aspect of his/her behavior. This forces him/her to either follow along like a good sheep or to infringe on those laws, suffering as he/she will all the inherent recriminations and guilt. Heads you lose, tails you can’t win.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Quickening”

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