PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 by Ragini Elizabeth Michaels in UNFLAPPABLE

“Mystics embrace change. They embody a deep acceptance of life’s ongoing movement and the uncertainty that movement creates. Without this attitude, the reality of impermanence complicates everything, since you can’t really count on anything remaining the same. On the other hand, to stay sane and functional, you have to assume most things won’’t change: tomorrow the sun will rise and set; time will pass; the day will remain twenty-four hours long; you will eat, work, relate, and sleep; you will take your familiar route to work; and your box of cereal will be where it always is (hopefully).

Do you ever respond to the flow of continual change as an irritating inconvenience? Does it seem like an annoyance you’d like to take over and stop completely? Mystics see it differently. They approach impermanence as an adviser continually informing their thinking and decision-making in the affairs of everyday life. They know that staying tuned to the unending flow of change is invaluable for a workable, happy, and peaceful life.

When you are able to embrace impermanence instead of trying to control it, you’ll feel you’ve found magic. Suddenly you’ll have a wise personal adviser keeping you true to the way life works. Your approach to your problems will take a different turn, and you’ll be on the road to that different brand of happiness.”

                      Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, in “Unflappable”
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