Best of PONDER on THIS for Friday, May 10th, 2013 by Stuart Wilde in THE FORCE

“If others are pulling you off balance, it is your responsibility to walk away, maintaining control at all times. It becomes doubly important to avoid confrontation because your life is like a stick floating down a river and interpersonal strife snags it, bringing your progress to a standstill. The old Taoist sages, who understood this flow of energy, taught their students to avoid confrontation, for it fuels the ego and strengthens the power of the subconscious over your affairs. The sage walks away, the fool stands and fights.”

    Stuart Wilde, in “The Force”

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Compiler’s Note: Regrettably, a couple of days ago I learned that Stuart Wilde, passed away suddenly on May 1st. Anyone who has been subscribed to Pondercentral for a while knows that I have used Stuie’s work extensively for “Ponder on This,” and also quoted him a number of times in my first book. While Stuie wasn’t well known in the mainstream, and at times expressed unconventional if not controversial views, in my view he was the most authentic spiritual growth writer I’ve ever encountered. For me, life will never be the same without him, as he often made me laugh and always had this habit of uplifting me with his work. God bless him on his journey in the next world. I will sorely miss him, and can sincerely say that his work in the area of spiritual growth had an enormous impact on my philosophy of life.

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