BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 by Doreen Virtue in GRATITUDE, A WAY OF LIFE BY LOUISE HAY AND FRIENDS

“It’s easy enough to feel gratitude during the obvious moments, like when a friend goes out of her way to help you, or when you receive a gift especially suited to your liking. But what about those other moments – the ones not so obviously calling for gratitude? Is it possible to stay centered in appreciation when we really don’t appreciate what’s going on around us?  

So often, our gratitude skips beats like a record with a gash across its center. When situations seem to warrant it, our hearts swell with appreciation. The other moments, though, we forget the eternal powers that are constantly wafting through our lives. We figure, “What’s to be grateful for?” – that is, unless we are open and aware of the delicate and subtle lessons and miracles back-dropped against everyday moments. Because, in truth, there is ALWAYS something for which to be grateful.”

Doreen Virtue, in an essay entitled “Unconditional Gratitude” in “Gratitude, A Way of Life” by Louise Hay and Friends

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