BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 by Bear Heart in THE WIND IS MY MOTHER

“Most of us have very little faith – we say we do until something difficult happens and then we feel everything is hopeless. We try and try, we struggle, yet we feel like giving up sometimes thinking, “Well, this is it, this is the end, this is as far as I go in life.” At times like that, go to the ocean and watch the waves come in. The tide has a steady rhythm, a tempo that’s never affected by the storms at sea. When the tide hits the shore it goes as far inland as it can, and when it reaches its zenith it is not the end, it’s merely a turning point.

It then flows back out to sea, to where there’s great strength and power. It doesn’t matter how strong the storms might be out there, it does not affect the rhythm of the ocean as it comes in and turns. In our struggles we may think we can’t go any further, not realizing that it is merely a turning point in our life. All power is available to us. You can turn things around in your life, live hopefully, and keep that hope going.”

Bear Heart, with Molly Larkin, in “The Wind is My Mother”

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