PONDER on THIS for Thursday, July 18th, 2013 by Eliza Mada Dalian in IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS

“Trust your gut feeling and take risks by saying “no” to things that don’t feel right for you. The best way to practice surrendering to your inner power is to cultivate courage. Dare to be different and do what feels right even if others disagree with you. Watch how when you suppress your feelings of anger, resentment, insecurity, neediness, weakness, jealousy, or competitiveness you are diverting from surrendering to your own truth and power.

For example, if you usually agree with others out of fear of conflict, or because you don’t want to offend them, observe your thoughts and feelings that get triggered as a result. Ask yourself: Why am I compromising? Understand that no one is responsible for your choice to suppress your power – in spite of your fears and the possible consequences, courageously and honestly express what you truly feel. If you can live this way, you will not only give yourself a chance to live a more authentic life but will also become a source of inspiration to others.”

                     Eliza Mada Dalian in “In Search of the Miraculous”

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