PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 1st, 2013 by Paul Ferrini in THE SILENCE OF THE HEART

“The greatest miracle you will ever experience does not lie outside of you. It lies within. That miracle is your very existence. That you exist at all is a testimony to God’s love. When you are in touch with God’s love for you, everything that happens in your life is miraculous. All you see are extraordinary opportunities to love, learn, create and be fully present in your life. When you are not in touch with God’s love for you, everything that happens in your life seems not to be good enough. You perpetually find fault with yourself, with others, and with your experience.

Your relationship to yourself and your creator determines the quality of your life. When you feel worthy of God’s love, you talk to God, confide in Her and are grateful for your life. When you feel you are just a random, purposeless creation, you have no one to talk to. You lead an isolated, aimless life. You do not know why you are here.

Purpose in life comes from the connection to the divine. It comes from the self-affirmation “I matter. There is something here I am meant to do. God has a plan for me.” Miracle consciousness depends on our ability to feel or intuit the presence of God in our life. And the ability to intuit God’s presence depends on our willingness to trust ourselves, to trust others and to trust our life as it unfolds.”

                      Paul Ferrini, in “The Silence of the Heart”

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