PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 8th, 2013 by Catherine Ponder in OPEN YOUR MIND TO PROSPERITY

“A powerful way to overcome the thought of loss and its consequences, is to remind yourself of this great truth: There is no loss in Spirit. You cannot lose your good. When it seems you have lost your good, it is because your good has changed form! Remember that there can be no loss in any phase of nature. The elements of nature merely change their form. When your good seems to leave you – to fly out the window – let it go. That is good you have outgrown. Then watch for new good to come in the door.

If a flower is cut from a rosebush, you do not have to say, “There will be no more roses.” Instead, you know the bush will grown and roses will bloom again, because the roots have not been destroyed. God gives the increase. The word restore means “to make beautiful again,” and through the right attitude about periods of apparent loss, you can restore or make your life beautiful again.”

                   Catherine Ponder, in “Open Your Mind to Prosperity”

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