PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 by Jonathan Parker in THE SOUL SOLUTION

“Treat the Ego as an Injured Child: An effective technique in working with the ego is to treat it as a person you love who’s experiencing painful struggles. Suppose that person is your child. How would you be inclined to treat the child? Think of the ego as that injured little child who keeps hurting him- or herself over and over. If you regard the ego as a sentient being, you’ll find you’re able to have compassion for it the way you would for an injured child.

Feel compassion for the part of your ego that needs to defend itself. Approach the ego with the intention of wanting to help and heal it. It is much more skillful to view the ego this way that to treat it as an enemy to be overcome with force. A combative approach won’t succeed very easily. The ego is well practiced at defending itself against such attacks, and it will dig its heels in deeper to find a way to survive.”

                                 Jonathan Parker, in “The Soul Solution” 
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