PONDER on THIS for Friday, September 6th, 2013 by Ragini Elizabeth Michaels in UNFLAPPABLE

“Life is nothing but change–literally happening right before your eyes—moment to moment. When you disregard, overlook, deny, or refute the reality of change, you miss the flow of life. The problem arises when you try to control change—and that’s exactly what your unconscious mind wants you to do. It says no to change because it’s risky—and it values safety more.

But we want both safety and risk. We control because we’re convinced we’re missing something, and we want it. But are we really missing anything? Have you ever tried to contemplate the here and now at a precise point in time? If not, give it a try this minute. In the actual moment, it’s hard to find anything that’s missing. You’ll find that you have to admit everything is fine—unless your mind’s eye is showing you stories about what’s unfolding—making it good or bad.”

                      Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, in “Unflappable”

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