PONDER on THIS for Friday, September 13th, 2013 by Ragini Elizabeth Michaels in UNFLAPPABLE

“From the spiritual perspective, you’re a child of God, perfect as you are, and resting in Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, or Love and Oneness. In effect, the essence of you is ultimately divine and perfect as is. No change needed, and no dreams desired. Happiness for the divine dimension is enjoying the present, “being here now,” and going with the flow.

How can you be here now and run after your dreams? The answer is learning how to manage paradox. Then you’ll stop trying to get rid of that unpleasant inner tug-of-war by chasing the dimension that’s right (usually divine) and avoiding the dimension that’s wrong (usually human). You discover your inner tug-of-war has a vital role to play; then you’re free to be present to the moment while you’re also pursuing your dreams.”

                    Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, in “Unflappable”
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