PONDER on THIS for Thursday, October 10th, 2013 by Terry Cole-Whittaker in LIVE YOUR BLISS

“Accept that what you desire is attainable. Without such acceptance, no matter how hard we work to attain something, we just can’t get it, because we are holding on to opposing concepts. You can’t row a boat in two directions at once. One minute we say yes to what we desire, and the next moment we say no, because we don’t believe it’s possible for us to attain all that we desire. This keeps us stuck going nowhere except back and forth in the mind. Whatever our desire, we will have the power to manifest it when we decide that it’s possible and perfectly right for us to manifest it. Our faith is demonstrated by our endeavors to manifest this desire, to do our part.”

Terry Cole-Whittaker, in “Live Your Bliss”

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