PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 by Mystic Pete in MYSTIC PETE CHRONICLES

“When you take the initiative to clean up the chaos in your life and act with compassion, like any self-respecting Heavenly being would, you will no longer need daddy/mommy/God to discipline you. You will discover that trouble stops showing up uninvited. Similarly, the faster humanity craws out of its sexually and emotionally immature larval phase, the less apocalyptical God will get on our ass.

Sickness, injury, and misfortune are often the Higher Self’s ways of getting your attention, so you stop and pay mind to Heaven’s guidance. Then you can hear the sacred whispers inside. If this inner transmission is voluntarily sought out, to the depth that the Higher Self requests, there will no longer be cause for personal catastrophe. People who listen to their inner guidance still go through difficulties, but their life doesn’t play like a Shakespearean tragedy.”

Mystic Pete, in “Mystic Pete Chronicles Book 1: Sex and Mysticism”

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