PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 by Rosalyn W. Berne in WHEN THE HORSES WHISPER

“For the first many millennia of human existence, we lived in a physical, mental, and spiritual world in which we belonged to a great and complex web of life, in which all creatures were intertwined. In the last few millennia,humans have come to believe ourselves to have dominion over the earth and its creatures. Whether that belief comes from the Bible or from the ego-awareness associated with our advancing intellects, it has been formative to our consciousness and fundamental to our behavior.

Though we are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, many still strive in vain to glean the meaning and purpose of life. We are also beginning to realize that our current understandings and behaviors and their impacts on the earth are unsustainable. This growing realization leaves many of us questioning our habitual roles on this planet, and wondering whether and how to redefine those roles. Could it be that we have lost our way? That’s what my experience leads me to believe. What I see is that we are in the process of rediscovering ourselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically. These discoveries stem from evolutionary adaptation, but also from technological changes we have made to alter our bodies and the environment. We are learning to shift our perceptions about who we are, why we are here on earth as human beings, and what it means to be fully alive.

As we humans continue to evolve our sense of being, our notion of what – and who – animals are is also evolving. We are re-awakening to the understanding of humans belonging to the earth – not vice versa – and of humans being part of the life force that sustains it, along with the other species we share it with.”

Rosalyn W. Berne, in “When The Horses Whisper”

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