PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 by Donald Altman in THE MINDFULNESS CODE

“It is important to identify the weeds in our life, those persons, situations, emotions, events, and moments that cause us to feel discouraged, unappreciated, helpless, or worthless. A purpose transforms these weeds into a beautiful blossom of rebirth and renewal. If your purpose, for example, is to care for your family, then what might be experienced as an unsatisfying job becomes a gift because it allows you to fulfill your purpose.

Most jobs involve giving something to another, which can be viewed as a higher purpose. Waitresses “serve,” or give energy, on behalf of customers. Truck drivers move products to those who benefit from them. With such a perspective, the work you do on a daily basis becomes an act of giving, which can be your purpose. The means not that you would never want to find another job, one that may hold greater meaning or satisfaction for you, but rather that it’s possible to find purpose in what you are already doing.”

Donald Altman, in “The Mindfulness Code”

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