PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 16th, 2014 by Esther and Jerry Hicks in GETTING INTO THE VORTEX

“As you gradually train
you own thoughts into those of positive expectation, as you align with
thoughts of worthiness and Well-Being, as you align you true power by
seeking good-feeling thoughts – you will no longer offer resistance to
your own abundance. And when your resistance stops, your abundance will
come. A flood of good-feeling ideas and possibilities will flow to you.
Interesting and exciting conversations will surround you. People of
influence and means will seek you out and find you. Opportunities and
propositions will be plentiful. And soon you will stand in knowing
amusement that all of this was always there within your reach, but in
your resistant state of attraction, you were not yet able to experience
it…but then, it came – not because of your struggle but because of
your ease.”

                        Esther & Jerry Hicks, in “Getting Into the Vortex”

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