BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, January 24th, 2014 by Stuart Wilde in INFINITE SELF

“Philosophical discipline
is real simple. You have to develop a mind-set that works, one that
liberates you, one that doesn’t generate negative emotion and
insecurity, one that doesn’t involve too much control from the outside.
So you can read all the great writings, but the central thing about the
philosophy you decide to adopt is that it should be simple.

don’t care for the sacred writings that are full of dogma, rules, and
regulations. Every rule and regulation is a fence post of the prison you
create for yourself. There’s a huge difference between rules and
disciplines. Rules are imposed from above by control freaks, the
government, the IRS, the church, your family. Discipline is something
you take on joyously and willingly because you know it raises your
energy and quiets the mind. Once you understand that, you’ll want a
philosophy that doesn’t have a lot of rules. My religion is, don’t have
too much religion.”

                                   Stuart Wilde, in “Infinite Self”
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