PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 by Dr. Alex Loyd in THE HEALING CODE

“With the conscious mind, you can choose whether to think about the good, happy, healthy thoughts and memories, but with your unconscious mind, you can’t really choose what you’re going to think about, because the unconscious mind has a mind of its own. The unconscious mind works by association, so when you thought of Christmas, and if you have some very negative memories of Christmas, your unconscious mind could re-activate one of those negative Christmas memories, and you could start to feel bad and not even know why. This happens all the time.

I hear from people every day who say things like, “I have a quick hair-trigger anger and just don’t know why, but I’ve had it for a long time.” Or, “I’m sad, and I cannot figure it out; I don’t know why.” Or, “I seem to sabotage myself at work when I’m in line for a promotion. I just seem to be my own worst enemy, and I don’t know why.” The reason these things happen is that you have unconscious memories that are being re-activated, and you are feeling the emotion of that original memory. Obviously, this can cause problems in your life.”

                              Dr. Alex Loyd, in “The Healing Code”

For more information regarding this book visit the Healing Code website.

Compiler’s Note: A friend referred me to this book last fall, and after reading many reviews for it on Amazon.com I bought it. Based on my long-standing interest in alternative healing modalities, I am inspired to say that this book is simply excellent. I fully agree with its main contention that illness is caused by destructive memories held by the body at the cellular level, and after putting “The Healing Code” into practice for several weeks now, I can confidently say that it can indeed work to heal physical and emotional issues. As such, I highly recommend this book as a resource for healing.

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