PONDER on THIS for Thursday, February 13th, 2014 by Mystic Pete in MYSTIC PETE CHRONICLES

“God knows this reality is arduous and wants us to succeed. He/She normally doesn’t directly meddle in our lives because that would interfere with our Free Will and go against the system He/She designed. God acts within the parameters of the reality that He/She Himself/Herself [oh, boy] set up. However, a past-life good deed could be coming due or a karmic credit card may not be maxed out, so occasionally we get treated to a driblet of “divine intervention.” Yet, it’s foolish to expect it. The miraculous is the exception. Don’t expect a miracle. To plead for special treatment diminished the sacredness of the ordinary. Work it out through the system. It is constructed this way for a reason. Don’t look for the skies to part to see God. See God in your morning donut, baptized in coffee.”

              Mystic Pete, in “Mystic Pete Chronicles Book 1: Sex & Mysticism” 

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