PONDER on THIS for Thursday, February 20th, 2014 by Eugenia Oganova in AWAKENING THE HARMONY WITHIN

“All events trigger an emotional response, either positive or negative, according to our perception of that event. The point of self-mastery, the “middle path,” lays in being able to notice the emotional reaction we are having, trace it back through the thoughts to the belief (concept) that created it, and change that belief. You might ask “how do I change the belief/concept once I recognize it?” This takes some inner knowing of your own system, and definitely some effort.

We do this by dealing directly with the past trauma and harmonizing the concept itself – learning what was unlearned, finishing what was not finished. Dealing directly with the past trauma requires knowledge of Self. Knowledge of Self is gained through internal investigation. The more we know about our inner world, the easier it becomes to trace the origins of any belief.”

                     Eugenia Oganova, in “Awakening the Harmony Within”

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