PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 by Eugenia Oganova in MISSION ALPHA

“The universal law of giving and receiving is 50/50: as much as you give you will receive. This might not seem right, because usually we do not see the “come back” from the same source we gave to. When you truly care about something and share your heart energy, you will receive this energy back in the same amount. But that energy might be perceived differently depending on what you attract.

If you are trying to simplify your life and end up giving away a huge load of stuff to friends and charities, it will not make sense for your Soul to then attract this energy back in the form of similar stuff to the things you just got rid of! But maybe you are looking for a promotion or a cheaper way to travel for your vacation. The energy of the stuff you gave away with the open heart might come to you as a recommendation for promotion or a friend’s advice on how to get, almost for free, the vacation that you want.”

                           Eugenia Oganova, in “Mission Alpha”

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