BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in REAL MAGIC

“Yes you can create miraculous changes in your life. Yes you have the power within you to manifest what may have seemed impossible only a short time ago. Yes you can know the meaning of real magic in your life. The setting for making this your reality is right there inside you. Get yourself aligned with your purpose.

Discover the joy and peace of giving, not getting; of contributing, not acquiring; of doing, not competing or winning. Why? Because you can’t really GET anything. The message of your life is in what you give. You show up with nothing. You leave with nothing. All you truly can do with this life in form is to give it away. Purpose is always about giving. When you experience giving, serving, loving and promoting harmony you will feel the difference within yourself. Andre Gide summed it up so beautifully in his journal – Complete possession is provided only by giving. All you are unable to give possesses you.”

                          Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in “Real Magic”

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