BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in PULLING YOUR OWN STRINGS

“Somehow animals are unable to go around focusing on things that are over. While they are deprived of some beautiful memories, they are mercifully incapable of needless brooding and recrimination, and can only consult the present for living now.

To remove yourself from the victim ledger, you will have to take a little clue from animals, and begin a program of (1) realizing or reminding yourself what kinds of things you cannot change, (2) becoming aware of how others will try to use the past to victimize you, (3) seeing how you use your own past to victimize yourself, and (4) implementing some specific non-victim strategies whenever you see victimizing behavior by yourself or in others.”

                    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in “Pulling Your Own Strings”

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