PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 by Mary Beth Ford in WISDOM FROM THE GARDENS: LIFE LESSONS

“The world’s wisdom traditions teach us that a Divine Essence flows through all creation. Once we accept this truth, then it follows that we are one. We belong to the web of life. From belief in our unity flows appreciation for the incredible diversity of the universe. Such diversity within a garden community nurtures its growth and balance. Diversity within the human family promotes abundance and harmony in the world. Each member of a garden community has a necessary role in creating its oneness. Each one of us has a life purpose to collaborate with our Creator. Whatever work we do to use our talents, we each have a part to fulfill that is essential for the world’s renewal and for our own happiness. This shared purpose unites us. It makes each one of us equally responsible to the whole of creation.”

Mary Beth Ford, in “Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons”

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