PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 24th, by Eugenia Oganova in AWAKENING THE HARMONY WITHIN

“How do you know what is right for you? Most people never ask this question because they do not know the answer is inside. They tend to either do what everyone around them does without ever questioning it, or they research what is “the best thing out there” according to some group of people or an expert in that field, and follow that direction. But with so many options today it is essential to have discernment from within.

When we do what everyone does, we are asleep, there is no self-awareness at that point, and a person is on autopilot of their karma. When we blindly follow what someone else says is the “best thing,” we give away our authority. This is detrimental to self-development. There are hundreds of healing modalities available for us today, but only through inner discernment will we know if homeopathy is right for us, or if we need to use traditional allopathic medicine, or whether we need to practice a particular healing technique or not.

As we become more and more self-aware and listen to our personal truth resonance, we become able to know which information is good for us. Discrimination within the mass of available information (books, medical research, channelings, Internet, different teachers, research) leads us to absorbing only what is right for us.”

Eugenia Oganova, in “Awakening the Harmony Within”

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