PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 by Cyndi Dale in ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES

“Healthy relational boundaries attract people who will support our spiritual mission and core personality. Such boundaries will deter, if not totally repel, individuals who might hurt, harm, ridicule, or demean us. When someone unappealing or harmful does enter our energy field, we’ll go on high alert. Our intuitive senses will turn on. If the person is a little negative, we’ll get a twinge, a sensation, a bad feeling, maybe even a skip of our heart or a slight headache. If he or she is downright horrific, our internal signal pulls our all the stops. Our heart will  hammer; our body will shake. Objects might even knock over in our presence without us touching them, because our boundaries are sending such strong energetic signals. We could receive predictive dreams that show us what could go wrong if we let this person into our lives, or the Divine might speak to us directly or through a friend.”

Cyndi Dale, in “Energetic Boundaries”

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“The next time you find yourself in a room full of people, (it might be a restaurant, church, or a meeting), you may make a wonderful discovery, if you think of it this way: Each person in that room either has someone that loves them, or has someone they love. You are in a “Room Full of Love.” Take a moment to reflect on what you see. Can you feel it? “The Room Full of Love?”

Clint Bridges, in “Spirit Wisdom for Daily Living”

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