PONDER on THIS for Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 by Danielle Rama Hoffman in THE COUNCIL OF LIGHT

“We invite you to relax into and trust the process of the cycles of your life. There may be days where you are very busy and other days where you are less busy and less is happening. However, there is the same amount of potential and growth that is occurring in days that are busy and days that are spacious. In this moment we invite you to become more aware of the cycle that is happening in the unseen realms, particularly during the times that are more quiet.

In some ways it is like the arcade coin pusher game that you may have played as a child, where you have a coin that you would put in a slot, and you would try to place it so it lays flat next to coins that already in the game. Then as the bar that slides left to right comes into contact with the newly positioned coin it creates a momentum that pushes the money off to the side (and ultimately into your pocket). Things in your life are inching in the direction of coming down the chute; they are getting closer at times when you take action and others when you don’t need to take an action. Both aspects of the cycle of life create more momentum and traction through which things can manifest in physical form.”

Danielle Rama Hoffman, in “The Council of Light”

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