Best of PONDER on THIS for Friday, July 11th, 2014 by Lynn Grabhorn in EXCUSE ME, YOUR LIFE IS WAITING

“It’s hard for us to swallow the concept that what has been in life has absolutely nothing to do with what can be. That’s diametrically opposed to how we think things work. Yet what has been – or whatever is in our face right this minute – is simply the result of how we’ve flowed our energies in days gone by. It is not “the way things are.”

What has been is not a result of anything or anybody “out there,” nor is it a result of good or bad luck, a result of being a good person, a righteous person, or a sanctimonious ass. What has been has nothing to do with family, or government, or schooling. What has been in our life comes squarely from where our focus has been. And a major part of our focus, has come from antiquated beliefs, those smelly old philosophies that were pounded into our heads, or that we blindly accepted as reality from way back to toddler days. We were jammed full of them then and still are – archaic patterns of thought about what we think reality is, thought patterns that frankly belong in the garbage can.”

Lynn Grabhorn, in “Excuse Me, Your LIFE is Waiting”

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