BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, August 4th, 2014 by James Van Praagh in TALKING TO HEAVEN

“So often in life it is our desire to be loved, and we tend to fall victim to our own making. We try so hard to be the best wife, mother, father, child, employer, lover, or friend. Because we believe it is what is expected in order to have the love of someone else, we compromise who we truly are. For the most part, we do this on an unconscious level, and we are totally unaware of our behavior.

After a while, our behavior becomes second nature, and days fall into years as we continually try to live up to their image of us. Eventually, we find ourselves depressed and unhappy about life and unfulfilled in our dreams. At this point, it is difficult to trace back to the why and how we feel this way. Not only have we given our power and a piece of ourselves to these people, but, more important, we have not been TRUE TO WHO WE ARE. We have left our centeredness and given away a part of our beautiful self-wholeness. Unfortunately, we can never be truly happy until we live our own lives.”

James Van Praagh, in “Talking to Heaven”

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