BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, August 18th, 2014 by John Randolph Price in SUPERBEINGS

“Understand that “spiritual consciousness” does not necessarily refer to one’s religion, but rather to one’s awareness and understanding of his or her true identity. We all know people who are supposedly very “religious” – yet the life they experience on this earth may be more hell than heaven. And to blame any misfortune on God, as if it could possibly be His will, is total ignorance. God’s will for man and all creation is absolute good, and God cannot will or endorse sickness or limitation of any kind.

To develop spiritually does not mean just going to church on Sunday and being “good” to appease an angry god who is keeping score somewhere in the sky. There is no such god! To grow spiritually means the increase of one’s understanding of the true nature of God, man, and the creative laws of the universe.”

   John Randolph Price, in “Superbeings”

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