PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 21st, 2014 by John Selby in EXPAND THIS MOMENT

“Here’s the question, what would happen if you actually did love yourself just as you are? Most people seem to be downright afraid of doing this. What is this fear? Beyond the Christian programming that tells us we are born hopeless sinners, there’s something else going on here, and we need to look right into the heart of it.

Many of us seem to be afraid that, if we relax and accept ourselves with all of our shortcomings, we’ll fail to succeed and survive. Here we are again, looking at the fear of death as a driver of our lives. Our society compels us to perpetually try to improve ourselves, and the constant need to achieve is a plague on our society. We all push our kids to be superachievers at the top of the class, even though this means that most of them end up feeling like underachievers. This leads to the loss of self-acceptance, and in turn makes them feel miserable, unworthy, and depressed as adults.

It’s crazy, really, to push children as we do, simply out of fear. The majority of people in our culture feel like failures in life because they didn’t meet the impossible expectations of their parents and teachers.”

John Selby, in “Expand this Moment”

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