PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 by Jonathan Parker in THE SOUL SOLUTION

“Grace operates outside of the typical human ways of doing things. People want to believe they’re in control. In fact, people feel like they need to be in control in order not to feel out of control. As a result of this natural ego component, people assume they can do specific things to ensure they are rewarded. Since it seems to the ego as though most things in life are earned through hard work and effort, people expect that work is also required to “rise to the top” spiritually.

People expect the “gifts of God” to be given out according to some recognizable plan that entails rules, conditions, prerequisites, and effort. To some degree, we certainly do have a role to play: We need to show up, be available, participate, surrender, and let go of whatever we’ve been holding on to. But ultimately grace is freely given, not earned in any way.”

Jonathan Parker, in “The Soul Solution”

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