PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 by Michelle Bersell in F.E.E.L.: FEEL EVERY EMOTION AS LOVE

“An easy way of awakening from the ego’s trickeries coming from guilt is to listen for the “shoulds.” Stop “shoulding” yourself to death! If you listen to your internal dialogue when your guilt is triggered, all you will hear is: “I really ought to have done…” or “Am I a bad person because I didn’t…”.

What you want to be listening for behind those shoulds is how you believe you fell short of a certain standard. Remember, each time you feel guilt, it’s an opportunity to ask yourself: “What am I buying into about who I think I should be?” Then ask yourself if this “should” fits with your highest version of self in this specific circumstance.

Believe me, the shoulds are always there, especially when you are calling on more of your potential to be expressed. This is because you often have to let go of who you once were to become the person you are meant to be.”

Michelle Bersell, in “F.E.E.L.: Feel Every Emotion as Love”

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