BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, September 29th, 2014 by Stuart Wilde in THE LITTLE MONEY BIBLE

“Prayer is a form of invocation, especially when we pray out loud. But to make prayer really work for you, you have to make the subtle shift from asking and begging to knowing. If you say, “God, send me money,” that’s not an invocation; it has an air of uncertainty about it. It feels weak. Invocation requires you to state your need as granted, and to be certain that your loot is already on its way – delivered and real in a parallel universe, and on its way to this 3-D reality we call home.

So instead of praying quietly, pray out loud, stating each desire as fact. Remember, “A great prize is about to come into my life.” “A very profitable opportunity is on its way to me.” “A large sum is dropping into my lap effortlessly,” and so on. Invoke, invoke, you’ll never be broke.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Little Money Bible”

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