PONDER on THIS for Monday, October 20th, 2014 by Russell Kyle in AWAKENED LIVING

“The shift to a higher awareness begins with a change within, a shift it perception; a change in our outlook on life. It is to become aware of the truth that the world that we think determines our happiness is actually only a reflection of our state of mind. Our ideas, judgments, beliefs, points of view, prejudices, hopes, expectations, and fears have become for us a very obscured pair of glasses through which we view our world.

We point the finger at the so called problems, when the true problem is blurring our vision of that which we are pointing. Our view of the world is not as clear as we may think. In fact, in regards to thinking, we can’t even really believe everything we think. Our vision, thinking, has been shaded and obscured by our taught, self and otherwise, interpretations. So long we have lived blaming others or outside situations for our inner discomfort when really the cause of the discomfort is our and has been all along. We have chosen our thoughts, beliefs, and interpretations so we too are choosing the world we live in. We are the creators of our experience, as we choose to interpret it so do we experience it. That’s the bottom line.”

Russell Kyle, in “Awakened Living”

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