PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 by Gary Spinell in BEYOND INTENT

“Our experiences “mirror” our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Our world, through our experiences, reflects back to us the energy that we have projected via our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. The people we encounter whose actions push our buttons and who make statements that engage our emotions appear as mirrors of our beliefs and thoughts.

What we see in the “mirror” of our lives is who we really are. Frankly, viewing ourselves from every angle of our senses can be scary. We were never taught as a child that everything we perceive in our world is reflections of our own beliefs; only now are we beginning to understand this powerful message. Just consider the magnificence and significance of knowing that everything around us is a reflection of who we are every minute of the day!

Our every belief and thought is transparent for the world to see. Every belief we have about people, life, God, relationships, and much more reflects in our mirror of life.”

Gary Spinell, in “Beyond Intent”

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