Best of PONDER on THIS for Friday, December 5th, 2014 by Dan Millman in EVERYDAY ENLIGHTENMENT

“If we never suffered pain or loss – if death did not await us – we might never need to seek a higher understanding, might never wonder about the soul, the hereafter, or the ultimate meaning of life. But life is brief – a flash of lightning, a snap of eternity’s fingers. So we question and wonder. While striving for a successful place in the material world, our path eventually leads to the arena of spiritual growth and discovery.

We sometimes seek Spirit in churches, temples or revival tents, but we don’t always encounter it there. Some of us look for Spirit in a bottle or a pill, leading either to an early death or unconscious life. Others seek inspiration in sports or sexual relationships. Yet all the time, Spirit has been waiting for us, calling for us, right here, right now in everyday life.

Everyday life is our spiritual school. As you see your reflection more clearly in the mirror of daily life, you will come to know and accept yourself as never before. As you learn from the natural consequences of your actions, you’ll find the wisdom necessary to progress on the path of personal and spiritual growth.”

Dan Millman, in “Everyday Enlightenment”

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