PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 by JB Lewis in THE SOUL & THE BRAIN

“Nothing but nothing happens in your life without the say-so of the Soul. The brain creates nothing – it only repeats processes over and over again. The brain can take in sights and sounds and perform procedures based on rules that have been established, but it alone does not draw anything to itself. So if you have found yourself concentrating and focusing on something to have, then that is the brain repeating what it has learned from Certified Attraction Coaches, Gurus, or others that sell these mysterious secrets.

I tell you this: There are no secrets between you and I, simply because I do not know how to keep a secret. I always, always forthcoming, for it would not serve Me to be otherwise. I need you to take me to all the places of physical experience I wish to go. Nothing personal, but I would never allow you to (guess) your way through this journey.”

JB Lewis, in “The Soul & The Brain”

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