PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 1st, 2015 by Linda Deir, author of GUIDED

“It’s time for a change, at least that’s what people think. It’s New Years and people want to change something about themselves. What if you can’t change? What if your life is scripted out ahead of time and you are just experiencing it? Yes, people would like to not have setbacks in their life, tragedies, or illnesses. But what if they were all scripted into your journey here? Rather than desiring change why not just desire to be a better person – who you already are? Expect these challenges and face them willingly.

When you get to the end of your journey here, everything you were concerned and worried about, or tried to change will disappear in an instant. What will be left? Your memories of a small child you helped, a garden you grew, a meal you fixed for yourself and loved ones that they appreciated. That’s what you will remember. It’s that you went on this journey and left the world with a little more love and compassion. You left the world a warmer place and you did it with our help.

Your greatest success was not what you did once you got here, but just in getting here. You had everything easy and difficult put in front of you as tests, as experiments that you would have to learn from once you got here. So, desiring to change your life in any way would mean defeating the purpose in being here because that’s what you came here to resolve within yourself.”

 Linda Deir, author of “Guided”

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